Virgin Atlantic has had a dedication to utilizing the most current and efficient technologies since its creation in 1984. Their fleet is consistently kept current, most recently with the purchase of six Airbus A380s, to be delivered in early 2015. They are also awaiting completion of an order for 10 A330-300, the final 5 aircraft of the 10 purchased being delivered late next year year. Further still, they have a order for 15 of Boeing's 787-9 Dreamliners that will see completion this year, with purchase rights on a further 20 of the 787-9s, the largest purchase of its kind by a European buyer. The 787-9 is far more fuel efficient than the Airbus A340-300s which they will be replacing, burning up to 27% fuel than the older aircraft. The 787-9 also leave a 60% smaller noise footprint. Virgin's environmentally-focused purchase shows the company's mindset, one of being conservation-friendly.


Virgin Atlantic emphasizes providing the best in customer services while in-flight. As such, it has provided some of the newest in service technology and entertainment, including:

  • First airline to provide all passengers with back seat televisions screens.
  • First British airline to offer SMS texting and email facilities onboard.
  • First European airline to offer live news updates onboard.
  • Virgin Atlantic has signed a partnership deal with Panasonic for their eX2 system including eXphone - which will enable passengers to email, SMS and has the option to make phone calls from 35,000ft using your own mobile phone. Passengers can also use Twitter or update their Facebook status
  • Passengers can bring their own USB and plug it into their seat to plays their own music or display their photos and documents. This will be available on all seats in all classes.
  • Passengers can plug their camera or camcorder into the seat to view their holiday photos and videos on the seat back screen. This will initially be available to Premium Economy passengers and rolled out to Economy passengers later in 2011

In all, Virgin offers up to 300 hours of entertainment on demand on most of its flights, mostly from an extensive library of movies and music.

Mobile Devices

Virgin Airlines has also developed a few apps for mobile devices. Their Flight Tracker iPhone app has the ability to track every Virgin aircraft in flight at any given moment. This impressive app offers customers the ability to find out if their flight will be late, and also to be able to track the progression of the flight they are on while on board.

Another application of note is Flying Without Fear app, one designed to help passengers who suffer from a fear of flying. The program boasts a 98% success rate. The application, available for the iPhone and iPod Touch, includes relaxation and fear therapy exercises, frequently asked questions and a video that explains a flight from start to finish. It also features a "fear attack button" for emergencies, with breathing exercises and quick tips.

The new Airbus A330-300s that Virgin has ordered will also be equipped to provide mobile connectivity to all of their customers, allowing them to text, call, email, and browse the internet while in the air.

Customer Relations

In order to give customers a sense of being in constant contact with the company, Virgin has set up programs to allow access to information concerning the business, such as news updates and easy access to have questions answered by a representative. Virgin has a Twitter page specifically designed to answer customer inquiries at any time of day, and also provides useful tips. Virgin also has a Facebook profile to serve similar needs.

Another facet used by Virgin is that of a podcast, specifically designed to provide travel guides to customers.