S.W.O.T. Analysis

With new aircraft like the A380 and the 787, Virgin Atlantic has opportunities to upgrade their fleet of aircraft, as well as expand the list of airports they service. Many people know the "Virgin" logo because they are involved with all sorts of companies, and once they build a stronger trust background with customers, it will be easy for Virgin to attract more and more customers. They are one of the most innovative companies when it comes to entrepreneurship: with Virgin Galactic in the making, they can either make or break Virgin Airlines. Most of the companies focus is directed towards the Galactic program so obviously it would be difficult for them to focus the same amount on the Atlantic Department. With that being said, it would be easy for them to take the Galactic Experience and boost their revenue. With a boost in revenue they could buy newer aircraft, establish relationships with existing airlines, and expand their service area. The European market itself could provide a massive advantage over other airlines, because as of now, the European skies are not dominated by any one airline. As is the case with most airlines, there are risks like Terrorism, ever-rising fuel costs, and the time essential industry they take part in(10-20 minutes could result in a net loss of over $20,000), they could fail if their management does not stay as structured as it currently is.